Sunday, November 27, 2005


Real African: Fufu with Gombo sauce (Okra)

This one is a real west african feast spanning several countries. It is made in two parts. We will first make the sauce and then the fufu.

Gombo Sauce (Okra)
1- 3 roma tomatoes
2- 1 garlic
3- 1 branch of Green onion
4- 1/2 of a yello onion
5- 2 maggy cube (bouillon)
6- Salt
7- 1/4 chicken (Beef would work too)
8- cooking oil
9- 2 packs of frozen okra (You can get these at HEB. You need to leave them out to unfreeze before cooking)

Start by cutting the chicken in pieces and set it aside to dry. Chop half of the onion, the green onion, the garlic, the tomatoes and blend it all (add some water when blending for efficiency). Set it aside, put a pot on the stove at medium to high heat. Put 2 table spoon of cooking oil in the pot. Let the oil heat for a minute, then put in the chicken pieces. Turn until golden, then pour in the blended ingredients. add one tea spoon of salt and the 2 cubes (maggy cubes or just chicken buillon cubes that you can find at Sams' Club). turn the mix with the chicken. Reduce the heat to medium if it was high. While it is cooking, blend the unfrozen okra and set it aside. Check the pot to see if most of the water has evaporated. If so, add the blended okra to the mix, turn until it is mixed very well. Turn the heat to low and let it cook for another 15-20 minutes. Check and turn periodically to avoid burning. Taste and add salt as needed. When ready, set the pot aside and get ready for the fufu part.

1- 2 cups of Fufu flour (you can get this a African stores)

Set one 1 quart of water on the stove to boil. Once the water has boiled, take out half of it and set aside in another container. Pour the fufu flour in and start turning imediately. It will get harder and harder to turn, but turn continuously until it becomes a homogeneous mix. If you need to add a little water, use the hot water to set aside. Avaoid adding too much water. It is supposed to be tender. The color should change from white to ivory. If you have a homogeneous ivory colored mix that is tender, then you got it right. If not, it may still taste good, but try turning the mix as soon as you pour the flour in the water next time.

Server the Fufu and the Gombo (okra) sauce in two separate containers or in the same. Serve hot. To eat it, set all the silver and plastic ware aside and wash your hands. Take some fufu with your hand, mix with the gombo and eat.


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