Tuesday, November 08, 2005


How it started

My wife and I have this thing that we swap places in the kitchen sometimes. I can hear women go how lucky! But I feel like I am the lucky one. I used to be a chef a restaurant in Houston Texas where I got to cook for hundreds of people. Well, even being a chef, I could not cook as well as my wife. I was making us some African food that I am used to make and while I was putting together some herbs and seasoning, she observed me and advised me to switch one of the ingredients for another. I can guarranty you that I made the most flavored type of peanut sauce I have ever made. Smelling the seasoning mix already watered my mouth. Let alone the feasting I had on my tongue once the meal was ready.
Because of this, I decided that I should share this type of secret. I mean, I would love to enjoy this same type of food when I go visit a friend or when I go to a restaurant. So every time there is a new recipe, I will post it here for everyone.

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